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Pillow Times

Pillow Time (1)

After the whole day at work..and after the whole day at home 😉 My husband and I are catching up at the end of the day, at the pillow times. Kids are asleep, only us and two cups of hot chocolate, just soaking the moment of togetherness. It may not always be talking though, but it could be anything in between. Sometimes we discussed serious matters, or we talked about casual stuff. Or sometimes, we watched Russel Peters and laughed our as**s of. Or any other time, we just watched tv while we curled up to each other. Or, we just drowned in our own gadgets side by side with tangled feet. Feeling that closeness to each other can really be a booster for us, the feeling of needing and to be needed could nurture our intimacy, alongside with other things for sure. Continue reading “Pillow Times”