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My Happy List on Lazada

MY (1)These past decades, there has been a war happening amongst mothers.It is called the Mommy War. Each group claims that the decision they made are truly for the benefit of their children.With their very own version of reasons, mothers whom instinctively protective regarding their descendants needs, have to make decisions whether they want to give birth naturally or do the c-section, to work or to stay at home, to give formula or to breastfeed to their children, co-sleep or sleep separately, and whole lots more other things. For me… this kind of decision is very, very, very personal for every mother. Every family has their own criterias and stories, so we cannot justify what’s good for us is also good for others. We have our own shoes to fit. We have our own considerations.So, don’t get stuck in being a better than other mother. You are the best mother your children can have, no matter what you choose.

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