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My very own story; How I Lost My 10 kg at Home

My Very Own Story: How I lost my 10 kg at Home

This is my story, my journey through a hard work, consistency, and determination for a better me. Yes, I’m doing this for myself, not for anyone else.
Many people say that my figure is not ‘that’ big. This was around February 2018, with height at 165 cm, and by that time I was in my heaviest at 68 kg, excluding the number during pregnancy which reached 72 kg on the 9th month. People said that I was just a little big, but not that much. How I reached to that number is just regular stuff. Continue reading “My very own story; How I Lost My 10 kg at Home”
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An Amazing Lady Named Bunda Yati

bundayatiThis is the 5th round of Arisan Link in group 6. This Arisan Link is a great idea of Blogger Perempuan Network, where we share knowledge of blogging, expand our network, make new friends along the way.

Twice a month, every member of the group must review a person and her blog which also listed in the group, and in this 5th round, the name of Bunda Yati came out as the lucky one to be reviewed.  Continue reading “An Amazing Lady Named Bunda Yati”

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My Happy List on Lazada

MY (1)These past decades, there has been a war happening amongst mothers.It is called the Mommy War. Each group claims that the decision they made are truly for the benefit of their children.With their very own version of reasons, mothers whom instinctively protective regarding their descendants needs, have to make decisions whether they want to give birth naturally or do the c-section, to work or to stay at home, to give formula or to breastfeed to their children, co-sleep or sleep separately, and whole lots more other things. For me… this kind of decision is very, very, very personal for every mother. Every family has their own criterias and stories, so we cannot justify what’s good for us is also good for others. We have our own shoes to fit. We have our own considerations.So, don’t get stuck in being a better than other mother. You are the best mother your children can have, no matter what you choose.

Continue reading “My Happy List on Lazada”

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Pillow Times

Pillow Time (1)

After the whole day at work..and after the whole day at home 😉 My husband and I are catching up at the end of the day, at the pillow times. Kids are asleep, only us and two cups of hot chocolate, just soaking the moment of togetherness. It may not always be talking though, but it could be anything in between. Sometimes we discussed serious matters, or we talked about casual stuff. Or sometimes, we watched Russel Peters and laughed our as**s of. Or any other time, we just watched tv while we curled up to each other. Or, we just drowned in our own gadgets side by side with tangled feet. Feeling that closeness to each other can really be a booster for us, the feeling of needing and to be needed could nurture our intimacy, alongside with other things for sure. Continue reading “Pillow Times”