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Helio faria – For 40 years of my life, I have never considered myself as a well coordinated person, in terms of any body movements. The only thing I ever tried was an aerobic class back in the 00s but I didn’t quite get the mood.
I started my weight loss journey in 2018, you can read here if you wanted to. I lost about 10 kgs in a year time, and able to maintain until now. I had a shoulder injury for almost 3 months in early 2020, and when it healed I decided to try something new in my workout routine, which was dancing.

Trust me, I know ZILCH about dancing, but I plunged myself to the unknown world, just using keywords to search a friendly dancing routine for beginner. I started around April, and had the gut to share my silly moves on my IG feed. But, days turns to weeks, weeks turned to month, and here I am. I found Helio on YouTube around October and since then, his channel was on the top of my list whenever I wanted to dance. He is a Brazilian, currently living in Zurich, Switzerland and has been teaching in many countries.

Instructor is an essential key to any situation if we want to learn something new, you just have to feel a connection to the instructor and you will find the learning gets easier, well, at least that’s how I feel for myself. Besides that, these are some other things I like about his channel:

  1.  Videos always have good quality and sound
  2. Simple editing, which suited my reference
  3. He made his videos with cues and no cues, which was very helpful for my learning
  4. He categorized his videos neatly based on style and length
  5. He breaks down moves in a fun teachable way
  6. His energy and smiles comes through the screen!!!

Not in a million years, I thought I could do a series of some Afrobeats or Salsa routine. I know for sure my movements weren’t as good as it should be, but that was not what matter most. How you feel about yourself is way more precious than anything. I learnt so much from dancing, here are some of them:

  • I couldn’t stop smiling, I guess this only come in positivity and give me so much happiness inside
  • Satisfaction,
    I feel so content when I can memorize a choreo, (besides from playing Scrabble 🙂
  • Better body coordination,
    I finally knew that I didn’t have 2 left legs all this life time!!!
  • Confidence,
    Oh, trust me, when you feel good about some moves, you will feel sexy as if you are Gal Gadot inside.

Yesterday, I decided to join the Dance Fun Fitness Community (DFF). It is a donation based class that was held by Helio. I’ve been using his choreo for quite some times and I feel like I wanted to challenge myself more, and contribute to him, the least I could do, after what he did with his free videos on YouTube.

He explained this program throughout his channel and social media. He prepared the details in his web page. What I did was, follow this link. Fill out some details. Make donations. And Helio will send you email about the next step. This was my 1st experience to join a paid class, and sending money abroad using Wise. First donation must be at least USD 20.00, and the next is up to us, you can send any amount at any interval on amount that we feel suitable.

Helio has a good and organized web page. In the email he sent, he gave us detail on how to access his member area. He put on some lists in categories of link. Some exclusive videos that you cannot find in his free YouTube channel. There are no ads in all these videos, and also special classes that he held via Zoom. Unfortunately, I could never join his class when he was live streaming because of the time difference. He usually held the live class 18.00 Zurich time, which was 12.00 midnight here in Jakarta. But again, I can access them anytime from his website.

So, I hope this whole new dancing chapter of mine will improve my moves and bring more joy to my days.

Stay safe and keep dancing.

Home, 28 March 2021

One thought on “Joining the Dance Fun Fitness Community

  1. Danielle says:

    Love this bog on Helio & dancefunfitness. Everything you said is 100% true…the confidence gained, the amazing skills of his teachings that turns one into dancer & the connection you get to him from following him in his classes. Let’s keep dancing 💃

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