My very own story; How I Lost My 10 kg at Home

My Very Own Story: How I lost my 10 kg at Home

This is my story, my journey through a hard work, consistency, and determination for a better me. Yes, I’m doing this for myself, not for anyone else.
Many people say that my figure is not ‘that’ big. This was around February 2018, with height at 165 cm, and by that time I was in my heaviest at 68 kg, excluding the number during pregnancy which reached 72 kg on the 9th month. People said that I was just a little big, but not that much. How I reached to that number is just regular stuff. I didn’t go crazy with pizza, cakes, or anything big, it’s just really regular stuff. I ate 3 times a day, with 2 snacks in between. For some people this is normal, but for me, it stroke up my scale. I could not resist eating my favorite nasi uduk, or kue lupis, or kue cucur for breakfast, usual portion of lunch, drank milk coffee and cookie dipping around 3, and had dinner around 6. I do no extreme physical activity on a daily basis, other than to keep up with my super active toddler. By the time it got to 68, I was feeling awful. I had low confident I didn’t like my body shape, the chubby cheek, big arms, and most of all, the flabby tummy. My pants and shirts started to feel small and full. Other than that physical factor, the inside feeling was also getting worse. I felt terrible all the time, hated myself, and had a very low level of confidence. I needed to fix this. I had to do something. I didn’t want to be in this situation, I had to cut off this bad feeling. The only thing that crossed my mind was I had to exercise and fixed my daily meal routine. The Exercises Then I just did it. I looked up some beginner workout videos on YouTube. Jillian Michaels was the first name that popped up because I remembered watching her mentored The Biggest Loser show. I found these videos, Body Shred Level 1; I followed it for a week, and increase the level along the way. It featured simple movements but it made me sweat like a mop. On the early days, these 30 minutes were very grueling. I felt like I couldn’t even finish the video, my breaths were shallow, and my body didn’t even compromise. The later days were also a challenge, when I woke up in the morning, my body sored and in pain in every part. Did I stop? No, I did the second day, third, fourth, fifth day, and the days after. I did the exercises from Monday thru Saturday around 4 or 5 pm. For the first month, I could only do 30 minutes, finished up the video and done. For a month, I didn’t have any sport equipment, nor did a pair of sport shoes, so I did it bare feet, no mat, and no dumbbell. But I then decided to buy those things, because it helped me improve my ability to do movements properly, and eventually boosted my willingness to exercise. I’ve spent moneys on this, so I had to make the most out of it! I marked the calendar every time I finished exercising, and surprisingly I did well. So, I continued those exercises until today. I increased my training to a more advanced level. These names are my favorite trainers for personal reason, Bob Harper, Jake Dupree, Fitness Blender, and Astrid Swan. I also buy another pair of dumbbells, 2 kg each, and a gym ball. Feel free to read about gym ball here: Apa Itu Gym Ball?
Did I struggle? The hell I did! There were days where I wasn’t motivated at all, days where I was motivated but got interrupted with the little boy who pooped, or cried, or angry; days where I was just doing ok; days where I was too lazy. The calendar marking was really helpful for me. Just when I saw no mark on the number, it got me starting again. I weighed my body daily, every morning just right after I woke up, just to record data and put in on my Google Fit account. It was upsetting for real! The number didn’t decrease as much as I wish for. It was only ounces away from the starting number. It was very slow progress. The number was only down for 1 kg, on the 1st month. Yes, 1, o-n-e kg. How devastating was that. But I didn’t stop. I kept going and going, I exercised every afternoon, always on time. The meal Meal, exercise, and sleep are the three trinity if I want to get better health, according to health graphics I saw on Instagram. I chose Intermitten Fasting (in Indonesian is also known for OCD, a diet plan popularized by Dedy Corbuzier). I skipped breakfast, and only ate from around 11 or 12 and stopped around 5 or 6 in the evening. So, I only had regular lunch, one snack, and a light dinner. What do I eat? Just usual daily menu, no restriction what so ever. But, as months progressed, I got wiser on choosing what to eat. I usually only had fruits after workout, and only drink water until the next day around 11. Did I struggle? Hell yeah! I missed my nasi uduk. I missed my kue cucur. I missed lontong sayur. And all those breakfast menus. But I held the temptation down. I keep on going on track. By the 8th month I did all of these constantly, I become less greedy in wanting something. The body and mind cooperated harmoniously. I no longer crave milk coffee, I could easily ignore tukang bakso when he strolled in front of the house. The eating appetite has reduced by itself. For me, this is a huge achievement. I exercise from Monday to Saturday, and off on Sunday. I still eat donut, pizza, bread, mi instant, and all those stuff, but it is now on a controlled kind of way. It just comes naturally when your body is getting fitter, I think. Today This month will be my 10th month. I am now in 57 kg. I’ve lost 11 kg body weight, 10 cm on my waist, 8 cm on my chest, and 10 cm on my hip. What do I get? Let me tell you, where I am now.
1. I feel better from the inside This is the most important thing. I become a more positive person, I feel calmer, and happier. I no longer compare myself to others, I am proud of how far I’ve been through to be in today’s state of mind. I’ve defeated my negative side, and maintain the positivity on a daily basis.
2. A smaller body figure At first, this is the only thing in mind, but along the way, I realize that it’s just more than a fewer number on scale, or smaller body figure. This is only the benefit you get from doing a hard work. I feel more confident in wearing sleeveless shirt, short pants, or even just a simple t shirt. It’s the inside that matters most!
3. Better sex Yes, it’s true! Because you feel good on the inside, confidence level is high, and it also makes you feel sexier on bed. Maybe it sounds cliché, it’s how you feel about yourself on the inside that sparks that light. Not only about giving pleasure to your husband, but it’s about how you ‘please’ yourself during the process. Trust me… at least, that’s what my husband told me. 😉
I don’t mean that you have to be a lighter person in able to feel those of the above, no, not at all. If you are a big girl, and had no problem with those inside feelings, then enjoy it. How blessed you are. But if you don’t like yourself, like I was before, maybe losing weight can make you feel better. Do it constantly and determine yourself…

If you glow from the inside, the sparks will shine thru your outside, no matter how big or small you are.

3 thoughts on “My very own story; How I Lost My 10 kg at Home

  1. Thank you mba. Aku merasa termotivasi baca ini. Aku juga gak big banget, tp so far sama deh kayak apa yg mba tulis. Aku juga gak ngepizza,cake, tapi lontong-lontongan hooh banget 😀
    Pokoknya makasih deh udah nulis ini.

    • Susan. says:

      Hahaah….lontong sayur dan teman2 lebih kuat panggilannya ya mba. Terima kasih sudah mampir, dan senang kalau tulisannya bermanfaat. Salam sehat selalu.

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