The Talented Miss Zia


This is the 7th edition of Arisan Link Blogger Perempuan Group VI, and this time I am about to write about a multi-talented woman. Please let me introduce you to, Siti Fauzia Subhan, but you can call her Zia. A mother of a handsome boy named, Vito.

While I look around to know more about Zia, I visited her blog in English, Zeelhouette and her blog in Bahasa Indonesia, Ruang Baca Tulis, and also her Facebook account. I came to realize something extra ordinary about her. She is a very multi-talented woman. I can’t help to wonder to see her pictures showing off her talent. I don’t see many people with this number of talents. She writes, she cooks, she knits, she plays guitar, she plays violin, she sings, she photographs. Gee, I barely lost counts. And I can tell that she is a smart lady.

I have never met Zia, but from our group chat, I know that she is a very nice person. I somehow feel a connection with Zia in an unexplainable way. From what I notice, she and I have quite a familiar hobbies. I also happened to teach English for elementary school, I love poets, I do like music even though I don’t play any instruments, and I also love to cook. Zia spent most of her time at home, so she can concentrate to take care of her family. Well, another common thing we have here, Zia. 🙂

Being at home most of the times doesn’t make Zia unproductive, she keeps herself busy with all her hobbies. I really like her writing in Zeelhouette about her son, Vito. She is quite a consistent with her son’s development and activities. I questioned myself about this. My writing and articles about my kids developments are only mostly kept in pictures, in my laptop. So I salute those parents who consistently writing about this topic. It can be useful for parents and to other fellow parents. There are many things that happened to our child, even the smallest matter, can be helpful to other if it’s put on words.

I wish Zia and her family a good life onwards, may you live life to the fullest!


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  1. Thank you for your kind words, Mba Susan. I do love your writings too. and I salute you as well.

    This is truly touching. 😘

    Warm regards,

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