While You Are Sleeping


While you are sleeping,
I hope you sleep well

While you are sleeping,
I wish you have a good dream

While you are sleeping,
I send my prayers with your name in it

While you are sleeping,
I pour my love upon you

Let me have the time to watch you grow
Let me have the chance to see you build your life

Soar up and be brave against the world
Have faith in God as He will always within you

While you are sleeping,
My soul is richened

Home, January 3rd, 2016


2 thoughts on “While You Are Sleeping

  1. Dear sister Susan..
    first of all, thanks for visit my blog. I’m Tina and nice to know you 🙂
    What a wonderful poem. You must be really love you children. Send my regards to Abby and Nolan.. wish both of them have beautiful dreams :*

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