Abby’s First Home Video

This is Abby’s first home videos. She asked me too many times to post her video on Youtube, but uploading a 30-40 minutes video could take forever with our internet speed. We already recorded from the beginning while she tried to build Lego, but editing in mobile version is very limited. In other hand, my knowledge of editing with high tech application is barely zero. 🙂 (*even aligning this video to center is still unsuccessful after trying this and that for a half day). Poor me.. :p. So, we tried to make it simple, and short enough, and we decided to record this.

We don’t speak English at home all the time, I just casually talked to her and she learned a lot from videos . Mostly she watches tutorials, toys reviews, unboxing, and drawings videos.

These toys called Shopkins. Small toys with many characters. She enjoys playing pretends using these and her other toys.

Not bad for first timer, she speaks fluently although it’s kinda everywhere, loud enough, and she doesn’t paused. Good job, Abby.

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