Percakapan Sepanjang Jalan


Setelah pulang ibadah rutin setiap Rabu malam, sekitar jam 21.20.

Mama : “Ayok kita pulang, Nang.” (panggilan suku Batak kepada anak perempuannya)

Abby : “Naik becak kan? Tadi Mama bilang pulangnya mau naik becak.”

Mama : ”Iya, tapi becaknya Pak Taufik sudah diambil sama orang lain. Kita jalan aja ya…Kan deket”

Abby : sambil ngambek dan menangis “Tadi Mama bilang pulangnya mau naik becak. Aku nggak mau jalan. Maunya naik becak aja”

Mama : “Trus gimana? Nggak ada becak lagi…sudah malam..”

Abby : “Nggak mau. Pokoknya nggak mau jalan” sudah duduk di becak Pak Taufik

Mama : “Kita nggak boleh naik becak, karena Pak Taufik mau anter ibu Ira dulu…”

Abby : nangis lalu turun dari becak.

Pak Taufik : “Iya, Ebi…Saya mau anter Ibu Ira dulu.”

Mama : “Udah yuk, jalan aja…sebentar aja jalannya.”

Abby : “Mama bohongin aku…”

Mama : “Ini bukan bohong. Ini Abby yang nggak mau ngerti. Nggak ada becak lain lagi.”

Abby : masih nangis sambil jalan “Mama bikin hati aku pecah dua. Aku sedih.”

Mama : dari emosi jadi cekikikan dalam hati “Oh gitu ya…?”

Abby : “Iya. Karena Mama bohong, kita nggak naik becak.”

Mama : “Terus gimana dong kalo hatinya pecah?”

Abby : “Biarin aja…” masih nangis sudah dekat sekali dengan rumah.

Mama : “Wah, nanti Mama bilang Papa deh, supaya kita harus ajak Abby ke dokter untuk benerin hatinya”

Abby : “Sekarang jadi pecah tiga hati aku.Mama sih gitu”

Mama : “Waduh, tambah banyak kok pecahnya…? Gimana dong?”

Abby : “Iya…tapi nanti kalo habis tidur, siang-siang, hatinya bisa sambung jadi satu lagi.”

Mama : “Oh, hebat sekali hatinya Abby. Nggak perlu ke dokter bisa sembuh sendiri.”

Abby : “Iya, hebat ya hati aku…”


Dan sampailah kami di rumah, sekitar pukul 21.25.



Our kids can say unimaginable words, believe it or not. Sometimes we adults cannot comprehend their thoughts. Some children are lucky enough to have a nurtured and loving parents, while others are not. We parents sometimes force our kids to think like us, like adults. But how can they? They’re just children. They live in their own peaceful problems free world. This conversation between my daughter and I are just glimps of her developing language skills. I found her so amazingly imaginative and yet strong minded in her own way. All I can do is fasilitate, bridging, and mostly being patient in handling situations.

I believe our childern is a free spirit soul. These early age of their lives is all about exploring unlimitedly but still in reasonable boundaries. We provided and agreed about rules in the house. We socialize any new rules and ask her opinion about things. We believe that her opinion always matters. If she doesn’t like the clothes that I picked for her, she can change it. If she’s uncomfortable about the place we visit, she can freely ask why and we’d be glad to hear her stand.

So far, her growing mind and skills seems to surprise me in a very positive way. She can sing some full songs out of her favorite movies, she can read already eventhough I only guide her in a very casual way, she can help me sort out laundries and turn on the machine, and she always stands in queue eventhough others may step her aside. I always eager to see her grow and be amazed for her.

Home, 27th March 2014.

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